Al Khalidiya Tempered and Al Khalidiya Heat Strengthened glasses are produced by processing different s glass types through a tempering furnace, which include uniformly heating the glass, typically at 620 degree C, and then rapidly cooling or quenching the glass, t by simultaneously blowing an evenly distributed cool air using high pressure air nozzles on both surfaces. High air flow rates produce tempered glass ( Al Khalidiya tempered) and much lower airflow rates produce Al Khalidiya Heat- Strengthened glasses have increased strength to resist higher levels of impact, mechanical load and thermal stress.


Al Khalidiya Laminate consists of two or more lites of glass bonded together by an adhesive material, typically Poly Vinyl Butyral(PVB). This invisible PVB layer is designed to keep the glass integral to the structure upon breakage, rather than allowing the glass to shatter into otherwise large, sharp and dangerous pieces. PVB also dulls the edged of broken shards of glass, significantly lowering the risk of injury. After undergoing a series of heating and pressing, the two lites of glass and PVB inter layer become one solid, durable glass.


  • Clear
  • Tinted
  • Reflective Soft Coat
  • Reflective Hard Coat Low-E


Patterned and decorative glass is created by silk- screening the selected color and pattern onto one surface of the glass using high- end ceramic printing facility. Once the pattern has been applied, the glass is then either toughened or heat-strengthened, with the heat generated within the furnaces sufficient to melt the ceramic paint permanently fusing the pattern onto the glass substrate. The colored ceramic paint used in the process of manufacture consists of Glass flux (70-95%) and ceramic pigment (5-30%). The application of fused, colored ceramic paint to glass provides architects and designers with a new dimension in the use of patterned glass by offering a cost effective and unobtrusive means of minimizing exposure and/or controlling the amount of light transmission.


Insulated glazing /glass is a piece of glazing/ glass consisting of two or more Layers of glazing/glass separated by an aluminum spacer along the edge and sealed to create an air spacer along the edge and sealed to create an air space between the layers. It is mounted in a sash or frame like a thick piece of such glasses the dehydrated air space is filled with air, or insert gases like argon that provide better insulating performance. Desiccated spacers are dual sealed with polyisobutylene primary sealant and an organic or silicone secondary sealant, depending on project specifications and the supplication. By combining Low E coatings, tinted glasses, reflective coating, silk screened patterns, laminated glass products and more, a wide variety of insulating glass configuration are available to satisfy a wide range of performance and aesthetic requirements.


  • Clear
  • Tinted
  • Reflective Soft Coat
  • Reflective Hard Coat Low-E


Al Khalidiya facilities, manipulation of glass into an impenetrable material, Al Khalidiya Secure, used where ballistic defense or heightened security measures are recommended or required. Al Khalidiya Secure (“bulletproof glass” or” ballistic glass”) is achieved through multiple layering of tempered and/or laminated glass where in several lites of glass are bonded together by a polycarbonate material, typically Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB).It is this PVB interlayer, not the glass lite, which essentially helps sustain a bullet’s blow and slows down its penetration. PVB adds another element of safety by maintaining the structural integrity of the glass construction despite its shattering, preventing otherwise large, sharp glass shards from injuring potential bystanders. From podium enclosures for protecting VIPs in public gatherings, to showcasing priceless valuables in glass casing and storage of important data or files, top-grade bullet resistant glass from Al Khalidiya is the solution for the demanding safety requirements in UAE and the world as a whole.


The success of a design project relies on cutting-edges innovation and flawless execution. Our team of project managers and expert craftsmen know the latest fabrication styles and techniques; they strive to make your glass applications stand out and stay original, whether shower cubicles, all-glass doors and entry systems, table tops, mirrors or other glass constructions.


  • Single Bevel(1/2”,3/4”,1”,1 ¼” 1 ½”)
  • Double Bevel
  • Triple Bevel
  • Beaded Bevel
  • Faceted Bevel
Tempered Glass Cutting Other Custom Edgework
  • Lipped or Diagonal Corners
  • Notches(Outside notches and inside Notches)
  • Miters
  • Hinges
  • Circular Cut Out
  • Edge Finish (Circular grinding/bull round/3G/OG)
Glass Surface Custom Fabrication Services
  • Sandblasting
  • V Grooving
  • Plate Grooving
  • Finger Grooving
  • Mail Slots