Al Khalidiya provides flexible and secure solutions to architects, planners and designers for a variety of customer- specific demands. Our range of glass product is environment- friendly,suppliments energy conversation, and enhance living space for commercial and residential buildings, by offering unparalleled solar and acoustic control performance with ultra transperanct. The range can be used for facades, building entrances, canopies, fins and balustrades etc..


This range of Glasses lets a designer’s imagination travel from fantasy to reality. that's simple because we pay special attention to the design function, while keeping the budget and feasibility of the project at the forefront. Al Khalidiya is one of the commercial glass company in GCC to offer such a wide variety of custom decorative glass products and services. Our mission has always been to take seemingly impossible design challenges and turn them into reality. We are happy to work with designers and architects in the creation of new architectural glass designs based on their unique ideas. In fact, some of our most interesting custom decorative glass products are a result of this process.

Our decorative glass is typically used in architectural design as Etched Glass Shower Doors, Sandblasted Mirrors, Custom Stained-Glass Doors, Kitchen Cabinet Glass, Back-painted Kitchen Backsplashes. Back- Countertops, Laminated Decorative Glass, glass Signs, Etched Glass Transoms.


For your home or offices to look different, you need glass that makes it look different. The Al Khalidiya range for Interiors can just do that with its eloquent solutions for offices, retail, warehouse and corporate environment m allowing optimization of floor space, giving stylish work and living atmosphere. Al Khalidiya offers its customer a wide range of glasses for sliding doors or windows, adjustable louvers, designer splash back, partitions, balustrades, banisters, doors, stairs, tables, shelves and so on in both home commercial and residential buildings.

Al Khalidiya offers a choice of tinted and laminated glass products to not only make home more comfortable year round, but also create a more energy-efficient building envelope. The Al Khalidiya range cane sufficiently control noise, be it traffic, aircraft or industry related, and all other aspects of the house/building.


The need for glass that offers impeccable designs with sufficient daylight and safety standards for a building is high, and architects are increasingly beginning to use high-end safety glasses in their projects. Al Khalidiya offers a choice of glasses that can be used to protect a building’s occupants from accidental and deliberate change in many ways, while allowing the creation of bold and attractive designs. The single-layered or multi-layered glasses help architects address the security and safety needs of their customers. They are fit for use in banks, government buildings, strategic centers, prisons. Jewellery shops and commercial establishments. they are also used in commercial building doors, sliding doors, mass transit windows, shielding for bank tellers’ booths, tank viewing window, and roofing of industrial building other outdoor structures.