Al Khalidiya Group

Message From CEO



Dear Clients and Partners,

Warm greetings from the Al Khalidiya Group!
Since our inception in January 2005, our trajectory has been marked by continuous growth and advancement. Originating from humble beginnings, we have blossomed into a vibrant entity, boasting a network of 13 branches across various sectors in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Oman, Dubai, and beyond. These sectors encompass Aluminum Fabrication, Glass Processing, Auto Care Services, Waterproofing, and Joinery. Over the years, we have cultivated a legacy of excellence and a steadfast dedication to providing top-notch services, establishing our brand as synonymous with quality. As we reflect on our accomplishments, we are filled with deep gratitude for the steadfast support of our esteemed clients, dependable suppliers, and dedicated staff members. Each contribution has been instrumental in shaping our journey of success, and we extend our sincere appreciation for their unwavering commitment. At the heart of the Al Khalidiya corporate ethos lies adaptability, a quality that enables us to promptly address the changing needs and aspirations of our clients. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, propelling ongoing enhancements in our operations and a relentless pursuit of expansion. At the core of our ethos lies a deep-rooted belief in professionalism, anchored by principles of honesty and a strong work ethic. Our aspiration is to set the standard for quality, distinguished by our responsiveness, resourcefulness, and steadfast dedication to both our clients and employees.

Our passion for our work is intricately intertwined with our core values:

Excellence in Everything: We uphold the highest standards, motivating us to excel in every endeavor we pursue.

Leadership by Example: We lead not just with words but also with our actions, setting the industry standard for others to follow.

Integrity and Transparency: Our foundation is built on integrity, while transparency guides our interactions, nurturing trust with all stakeholders..

Focus on the Client and Employee-centered: Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients and the well-being of our employees, driving everything we do.

As we look ahead, our commitment to making meaningful contributions across the GCC region remains unwavering. While our journey has been filled with achievements, it is a testament to the fact that the best of Al Khalidiya is yet to come. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your steadfast support and encouragement. The road ahead is filled with promise and potential, and I am firmly optimistic about the future of the Al Khalidiya Group

With utmost dedication, Benedict Pinto